Making a Living With Astrology

Making a Living With Astrology

Yes - you can make a living as an astrologer

For many astrologers, the next step after you have become skilled in various delineation techniques is to develop your own business.

Kepler regularly offers workshops and certificate courses that are designed to help you build the skills you need as an entrepreneur in the digital world. It is hard work, but many astrologers have been successful at it. And there are opportunities as an astrologer to work with or for someone else.

Most astrologers set up a business for themselves. It can be daunting because there are many factors to consider. To shorten the time required to get underway, and lessen the learning curve and frustration level, it is helpful to learn from those who already know the territory!

Topics covered include:

  • Finding your niche and forming your business
  • Marketing: print, social media, etc.
  • Working with your websites
    • Practicum – development of a website
    • Managing and marketing your website
  • Writing for publication
  • Lecture and presentation skills
  • Issues with teaching in different formats

Chart your Course in Astrology today.