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Astrology in Sacred Literature: Eastern

Follow astrology down the sacred paths in the written word. The greatest collection of works on the soul and, surprisingly, its intersection with astrological concepts, come from traditional religions. Explore astrology within the canonical texts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

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Solar Returns

Solar Returns, or “Revolutions,” is a forecasting technique based on the chart for the moment the Sun returns to the natal position in any year of inquiry. This predictive method has been used for centuries, with many interpretive techniques evolving from this system.

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About Kepler College

Kepler College is one of the longest-established schools of Astrology in the United States, founded in 1992 and named in honor of the 16th-century Astrologer, Astronomer, and Mathematician Johannes Kepler. Kepler College draws students worldwide seeking the best in quality Astrological education. Unlike astrology schools limited to one guru serving as the solo teacher, Kepler College offers a broader perspective. Our school includes many highly-qualified Astrological instructors, all passionate about guiding students through their educational journey.

In August 2022, Kepler was honored with the award of Favorite Astrology School, voted by a peer community of international astrologers, at the ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) conference in Westminster, Colorado. 

Kepler College is a registered 501(c)(3) with a dual governance system, allowing us to meet the needs of our students while maintaining a vibrant and flourishing learning community. The leadership of Kepler College consists of a Board of Directors and an Administration Council, and a group of instructors who are experienced, professional Astrologers.

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Cameron Cassidy is an astrologer, yoga teacher & linguaphile from Massachusetts. He synthesizes his abilities as a translator, as an artist, and student of hermetic and yogic sciences to bring ancient methods of healing to people of the modern world. He is the editor for the CAELi Institute’s quarterly journal The CAELi Review, co-hosts the Mercuranians Podcast, he teaches classes online through his website, and out of Salem, Massachusetts where he co-runs a local astrology group.

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