Capital Campaign

In honor of our 29th year, our astrological Saturn Return, we are launching a Capital Campaign. The timing of this important cycle gives us the unique opportunity to build on past accomplishments, further the maturity and growth of our institution, and take Kepler College to the next level.

Your contribution to our Capital Campaign will make all the difference.

Astrology is in a renaissance, with wider public awareness and a proliferation of programs, speakers and schools. Kepler College is among the longest-standing and best-established schools and is unique for a number of reasons. 

What really sets Kepler apart is that it is built like a traditional academic program, with many astrologers, viewpoints, and collectively hundreds of years of experience. Plus:

  • We offer all levels of instruction, from beginning to advanced to professional. All of our students have the opportunity to attend live classes, interact with qualified instructors, and form long-lasting relationships with each other and the community.
  • Our rigorous professional diploma program prepares students to launch their own professional practice and sit for certification exams at various astrological organizations. 
  • Two scholarships, the Diversity Scholarship and the Maggie Nalbandian Scholarship, are available to assist qualified students.
  • We provide ancillary and adjunct services such as weekly study groups, practicums, a virtual library, and access to CAELi (Celestial Arts Education Library) a physical astrological library located in Olympia, Washington.
  • We share a robust amount of free content to the astrological community, including monthly webinars, AstroTrivia™ and content on our YouTube channel.
  • We collaborate with other well-known and respected astrological organizations such as the American Federation of Astrologers, the Organization of Professional Astrologers and CAELi.

Your donation will help Kepler College grow and embrace the wave of interest in astrology and support the growth of astrology as a professional practice. All contributions will go toward supporting Kepler College programs and operations that connect directly with offering learning and services to students. For example:

  • Upgrade and improve our online infrastructure, such as our learning management system and online store.
  • Design and rollout an Alumni Program that will support alums as they transition from student to professional and offer opportunities to launch their expertise through Kepler College platforms and networking.
  • Invest in new marketing strategies to connect current and new students with learning opportunities, and also for Kepler College to receive feedback and pivot to meet the needs and desires of the growing astrology community.
  • Provide more speaking and writing opportunities for students and alumni to launch their business.
  • Opening up an internship program. and providing mentoring to students and alumni on best ethics, career development, and business practices.
  • Continuing to give back to the community through free online educational events such as Astrology Day, AstroTrivia™, and our monthly free webinar series. 
  • Maintain and continue to develop the highest educational standards for our curriculum and instructors. 
  • Recruit and develop highly educated teachers to teach a wide variety of branches and techniques to all students levels from beginner to professional.

We aim to do all of the above while keeping Kepler affordable for our students. Our small and dedicated Staff and Board have mapped out an exciting plan to expand Kepler College in the areas described above and we need your help.

In Gratitude,

Omari Martin, PhD-C, MAFM, LPMAFA
Chair, Kepler College Board of Trustees

Denise W. Menton, JD, KPD
Vice- Chair, Kepler College Board of Trustees

Please consider donating today.

About Kepler College

Kepler College was founded in the 1990s by astrologer Maggie Nalbandian, who had an idea of a university that would incorporate astrology into academia.  In 2010, Kepler College began the transformation from liberal arts college into a diploma and certificate-based program for students of astrology. We now operate as a fully online institution with the mission to provide the highest quality education in astrology and related disciplines, including a structured pathway to a professional astrological practice. 

In August 2022, Kepler was honored with the award of Favorite Astrology School, voted by a peer community of international astrologers, at the ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) conference in Westminster, Colorado. 

Chart your Course in Astrology today.