Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Personal charts are not used in the live part of class. Students may be asked to interpret their own chart as part of a written assignment. Those assignments will be evaluated with comments from the instructor.

Kepler College Guidelines

Privacy – Natal charts and their interpretation are considered private. All our live classes are recorded and access is granted for three (3) years.

Ethical – An instructor, mentor, or faculty member will not provide a consultation for a student while that student is enrolled.

Pedagogical – When using an individual student’s chart for discussions or class exercises, it is inevitable that students focus more on the processes of their own chart than on what is happening in the class as a whole. Kepler College would like to keep the focus on the techniques being studied.

Students may be asked specific questions in class related to their own charts and are free to share personal information or decline.

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Our ethics policy does not allow instructors to read a student’s chart while they are enrolled in Kepler College.

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Kepler College does not maintain a list of professional astrologers nor is the College a professional organization of astrologers.

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The Kepler program does not encourage or discourage belief in astrology.

The Kepler College curriculum teaches how astrology, which links cosmological events with human concerns, has been utilized and practiced in different time periods and different cultures. Kepler College acknowledges the influence of astrology on various cultures in different time periods.

None of this information requires belief, just curiosity.

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Kepler College is designed to teach the following:

  • Techniques
  • Where techniques originated from
  • How techniques may have changed over time
  • The philosophy behind techniques
  • Controversies that may surround astrology and the techniques
  • When to use techniques and who uses them


Kepler College teaches how to synthesize the information in a chart, helping you to become a better astrologer.

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In order to access information on the educational status of a former student, you must provide a signed release from the student, and email a written request to

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Incoming students do not need to know any astrology at all. Intermediate and advanced classes will have prerequisites. Please look at the specific course you are interested in to find what prerequisites may be required.

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Kepler offers several options for anyone who is interested in astrology.


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Student Records

Kepler’s Academic Transcripts

The transcripts are the primary records of academic achievement at Kepler College. Maintained by the Registrar, the transcript contains the record of all work done, the credit Equivalencies of that work, the official courses and program descriptions. All transcripts are protected in a fire-safe cabinet in the event of disaster.

Currently, to order a transcript or verify a student’s enrollment or graduation status, email the registrar


There are two types of transcripts: the normal one, and the complete one. The normal one has the courses listed, with the credits and grades. The full complete transcript includes the Student Evaluations that the faculty fills out and the student’s self-evaluations. Unless otherwise requested, only the normal transcript is released. Copies of official transcripts may be requested at a cost of $5.00 U.S. dollars per transcript request. Students should allow two weeks between the time of request and the mailing of a transcript. Kepler College will withhold transcripts if the student owes a debt to the College, until the debt is cleared.

All transcripts, credentials and original documents submitted by a student in support of his/her application become the property of Kepler College and may not be returned or reproduced. Such documents will be held on file for two years, and then discarded.

Transferability of Kepler College Credits

Students in the degree program at Kepler College (as at any other academic institution) should be aware that the acceptance of credits by other institutions is entirely at the discretion of the other institutions. Kepler students have had credits accepted by other academic institutions. Previous Kepler graduates have had their degrees accepted by other academic institutions. There is no guarantee that this will always be the case.

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Retention of Records

All transcripts, credentials or original documents submitted in support of admission become the property of Kepler and may not be returned or reproduced. Such documents will be held on file for two years, then discarded.


Degree program: Currently, any student or former student requiring a transcript may email the registrar directly at Once the academic program has fully closed, transcripts can also be obtained from the Higher Education Coordinating Board of Washington.

Certificate program: Any student or former student requiring a transcript of classes may email the registrar directly at


Confidentiality of Records

Kepler complies with the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, which guarantees fair information practices with student records at U.S. Colleges and Universities. Information about student views, beliefs, private activities, and political associations, which is acquired or learned by Kepler employees in the course of work, is treated with professional judgment and confidentially. Professional evaluations and references about the ability and character of students may be provided under appropriate circumstances and with student knowledge.

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We were not accredited by a federal accrediting agency. Kepler College was authorized by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of Washington to grant AA, BA and MA degrees from March 9, 2000, through March 9, 2012. Although this type of authorization is called “accreditation” in some States (for example, Connecticut), this is not the same as national or regional accreditation recognized by the Federal government.

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