About Kepler College

It started with a dream

Who we are

Kepler College is a premiere astrological nonprofit institution and is among the longest-standing and best-established schools of astrology in the country. Kepler is built similar to a traditional academic program, with many astrologers, viewpoints and collectively hundreds of years of experience.

We offer all levels of instruction, from beginning to advanced to professional. All of our students have the opportunity to attend live classes, interact with qualified instructors, and form long-lasting relationships with each other and the community.

Kepler College was founded in the 1990s by astrologer Maggie Nalbandian, who had an idea of a university that would incorporate astrology into academia.  In 2010, Kepler College began the transformation from a liberal arts college into a diploma and certificate-based program for students of astrology. We now operate as a fully online institution with the mission to provide the highest quality education in astrology and related disciplines, including a structured pathway to a professional astrological practice. 

In August 2022, Kepler was honored with the award of Favorite Astrology School, voted by a peer community of international astrologers, at the ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) conference in Westminster, Colorado. 

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To provide astrologers with a quality education in astrology and related disciplines including a structured pathway to professional practice.

Our Vision

  • Enhancing the field of astrology and related studies in a professional and ethical way by developing and offering quality courses and resources for research, education, and practical application.
  • Bridging ancient knowledge and philosophies towards a modern understanding and enlightenment by teaching the historical, philosophical, and cultural implications of these arts and sciences throughout time.
  • Providing astrology students with introductory educational experiences to build interest in pursuing formal study in the professional level certificate and diploma programs.

Chart your Course in Astrology today.