About Kepler College

It started with a dream

Who we are

Founded in 1992, Kepler College offers astrological study seekers a specialized set of courses led by qualified instructors. At Kepler, you’ll find relevant, core knowledge led by dedicated curriculum leaders who are passionate about guiding students through the broad field of astrology; the varied ways it has been practiced for thousands of years, throughout many cultures, to the present day. 

Kepler College provides opportunities for both beginners and those more experienced in the study and practice of astrology. Completing coursework at Kepler College includes certifications requiring 20-40 weeks of instruction. We invite you to visit Kepler’s Course Studies for more details and a list of current, available classes. As you continue your journey, we hope you’ll choose Kepler College as your experienced partner in attaining your astrology education goals. 

Our most heartfelt gratitude

Kepler College is a bright astrological community due to the valuable contributions of students, donors, volunteers, administration, faculty & staff, and our devoted Board.

How Kepler College is governed

Kepler College’s governing structure is shared between our Board of Trustees and Kepler’s Administrative Governance Council

  • The primary mission of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that Kepler College has the resources to perform its mission. The Board also oversees general policy, educational programs, operations, and strategic planning.
  • Designed to ensure administrators are coordinated and aligned with policy, The Administrative Governance Council works with Kepler College instructors to develop the curriculum. It works with instructors to communicate courses to the Board of Trustees.  

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Kepler College is a non-profit organization that provides quality education in astrology and related disciplines including a structured pathway to your professional practice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge ancient philosophies with modern enlightenment through educational instruction emphasizing Astrology’s cultural implications throughout time. Through quality instruction, we provide students of Astrology an education to better prepare them to continue their pursuit of formal, professional-level studies for certificate and diploma programs.


  • We pursue excellence by applying professional academic standards and ethics to the study of Astrology.
  • We are student-centered and engaged, and we expect the same from those who come to learn; together we form a vibrant community focused on preparing students for their future. 
  • We embrace and celebrate diversity, offering an inclusive environment where students, staff, instructors, and administrators feel accepted and supported.
  • We provide high-quality training that recognizes individual learning styles, giving students equitable opportunities to receive an education that meets examination requirements to enhance their professional credentials. 

Chart your Course in Astrology today.