Faculty and Presenters

Kepler engages individuals to both teach on-going courses and informative webinars and short series. They are selected based on skill, knowledge, and the ability to communicate their topics effectively to those participating.

Our goal is to present timely information that participants can incorporate into their own knowledge base and practices. We want them to be able to go into the astrological world and know how to fit what they have learned with the new things they encounter. Our instructors and presenters go the extra mile to help their students succeed.



Our faculty in the Certificate program are known for both their astrological skill and their ability to teach in an online environment. Some of them are well-known names. But Kepler cares about more than a name. We want faculty members with practical experience and most of our faculty have been practicing their craft for over 25 years. Equally important, we want faculty members who are skilled at teaching.

This means our students get instructors with amazing astrological skills, the wisdom that comes from working in the field for many years, and a dedication to ensuring that students can learn what they are presented. Teaching is its own unique skill and Kepler hires instructors that can organize class materials so that if the student does the work, the end result should be what was promised.

Our teachers go the extra mile to help their students succeed.


Like our faculty, our webinar and series presenters are also known for their astrological skill. They are carefully chosen based in their practical experience and how long they have been in the astrological field.

Our workshop and webinar presenters are a diverse group of dynamic individuals, with the ability present relevant and timely information in a dynamic and engaging way. 

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