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Horizon of earth from above, sun about to rise on the edge, illuminating flash, portraits of Öner Döşer, Ehsan Khazeni, Jenn Zahrt, Inga Duncan Thornell, Kenneth Miller, Demetra George, Kepler College logo

Astrology Day 2024

Join this blockbuster three hour annual celebration, “Honoring the Lineage: The Transmission of Astrology through History,” featuring presentations by Öner Döşer with Ehsan Khazeni, Jenn Zahrt with Inga Duncan-Thornell, and Demetra George with Kenneth Miller. Hosted by Donna Young and Callum Wilkinson.

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Teal and bright spring green glowing abstract background, light flares, open house, Kepler college logo

Open House: Spring Term 2024

Do you have questions about Kepler College classes, workshops, or diploma programs? Join faculty members for a live q&a session, and find out how Kepler College can enrich your astrological knowledge and prepare you for a career as a professional astrologer. Chart your course in Astrology today.

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Photograph of the view looking out from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument obelisk and reflecting pool in the distance, columns on each side, sunset, astrology chart overlaid of the 2024 Aries ingress, portrait of Celeste Brooks, Kepler College logo

Aries Ingress 2024: The Fortunes of a Nation

The Sun’s entrance into Aries births the astrological year. The chart cast in a nation’s capital forecasts the year’s upcoming events. Receive an overview of the mundane astrology technique to predict the prominent themes and potential events a nation will experience in the coming year—using the 2024 Aries Ingress chart cast for Washington, D.C.

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Night sky embedded with glowing orbs connected with golden circular threads over landscape with silhouettes of fir trees, and lumiscent light appearing at horizon, portrait of Julian Venables, Kepler College logo

The Real Rising Sign: Primary & Secondary Motion

Learn, with self-evident experiments, how a shift of perception shows the difference between Primary and Secondary Motion. See the gateway between the Heavens and Earth appear in your personal space, and recognise it as the same experience you had at birth—the moment you embodied your risng sign, and your chart.

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View of eclipse from space, black circle with orange fiery ring around edge, above curvature of blue earth, glyphs for the north and south nodes, portrait of Joseph Crane, kepler College logo

The Lunar Nodes: A Fresh Look

Using the resources of astrological tradition, how might we interpret a planet in conjunction with the south or north node, or in square to them – at the northern or southern “Bendings”? Looking closely at a few example charts, Joseph will suggest an approach that may differ from what you first learned.

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