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Illustrated Page from Persian Medieval manuscript showing man seated next to a panting lion, stacked glyphs for aspects, portrait of Stevie Lowe, Kepler College logo

Medieval Aspects: A Speed-Run

Join this tour de force through upwards of 30 chart examples, to explore how planets engage in aspectual relationships. Using the classical Ptolemaic Aspects, we’ll dive into the various definitions of aspect applications + separations, given by Abu Ma’shar, while shared through medieval transmissions.

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Open book in shades of gold, luminescent light emanating from it, stars and glowing orbs floating in sky above, portrait of Carol Tebbs, Kepler College logo

“As Above, So Below”: Echoes Throughout Sacred Literature

For thousands of years, astrology and astronomy were the same. Astronomers observed the stars to see what Heaven was planning for earth and humanity. “As above, so below” is echoed throughout most of the world’s sacred literature from China to India to the Western world. Explore these fascinating similarities in a comparative study of sacred texts.

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Silhouette of person against cloudfiled sunset sky, image inside outline, human design geometric schematic, constellation map, portrait of Laveena Archers, Kepler College logo

Human Design for Astrologers

A fascinating, interactive journey into the realms of Human Design with an Astrologer in mind. Gain new perspectives and elevate your astrological practice. Explore the intricate dance between the stars and the unique energy imprints that shape our destiny, fate, and Karma. This one revolutionary way of seeing yourself may change Your Fate. Are you ready?

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