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Time lapse photo of lunar eclipse at sunset, in varying stages moving through sky into darkness, astrology chart with moon on the ascendant, portrait of Celeste Brooks, Kepler College logo

Eclipses: Harbingers of Change

Eclipses are intensified new and full moons. These evolutionary cycles bring sweeping change. When our chart is activated, solar eclipses usher in surprise new beginnings. At lunar eclipses, an internal push often leads to life-changing decisions or the choices of others impacting us.

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Surreal landscape, doorway in middle of purple ocean with wave breaking, door opens onto blue sky reflected in water, beams of light emancipating inside of light wheel indicating eight and twelfth houses, portrait of Carmen Turner-Schott, Kepler College logo

The 8th & 12th Houses: Explore the Mysteries

Gain a deeper understanding of the eighth and twelfth astrological houses and discuss real-life experiences of individuals with natal placements in these houses. Achieve a greater knowledge of planetary placements in the eighth and twelfth houses, related karmic issues and themes, and discuss consulting strategies for clients with these placements.

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