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Spinning three dimensional zodiac wheel/astrology chart, glowing, in space, outlines of chart wheels with dots in each house showing seven different chart patterns, portrait of Wanda Sellar, Kepler College logo

Chart Shapes: A Guide to Interpretation

Explore the seven astrological chart shapes as established by Marc Edmund Jones, and their variations, as well as their function in interpretation. Each chart shape has its own central theme through its high focus planet, boundary planets, leading planets and trailing planets. The seven charts shapes are: Splash, Locomotive, Bowl, Basket, See-Saw, Splay and Bundle.

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Open House: Fall Term 2024

Do you have questions about Kepler College classes, workshops, certificates or diploma programs? Join faculty members for a live q&a session, and find out how Kepler College can enrich your astrological knowledge and prepare you for a career as a professional astrologer. Chart your course in Astrology today.

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15th century illuminated manuscript painting of Masha'Allah looking up at night sky, stars, in garden, dog at feet, folaral border, two orbs with radiating lines meeting each other, portrait of Marcos Patchett, Kepler College logo

Prognostic Power: Masha’allah’s Receptions in Astrology

Medical herbalist and astrologer Marcos Patchett discusses a powerful predictive method in astrology, described in Masha’allah’s 9th-century text “On Reception”. This technique enhances the accuracy of horary interpretation, consultation charts, astrological elections, and event analysis. Using examples from Masha’allah’s text and his own herbal practice case notes, this talk demonstrates the utility of this ancient approach in contemporary practice.

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