Scholarship Information

Kepler College has two types of scholarship opportunities for students. These scholarships are designed to help students taking our intensive courses for a certificate or diploma.

The first is our Maggie Nalbandian Scholarship. The candidate must have successfully completed at least one course at Kepler College and can demonstrate a need for financial assistance to continue their studies.

The second is our Diversity Scholarship program, which is designed to increase access for under-represented groups.

We have special recognition discounts for our Veterans. To honor their service, veterans can receive a discount for any of our courses by providing proof of veteran status. Before enrolling in the course, send proof of veteran status by email to

We are grateful to everyone for contributing to our scholarship fund through direct contributions, donating time to host a workshop or webinar that directs proceeds to scholarships, or volunteers presenting in our Special Fundraising Events.

If you are interested in offering a donation, please click here.

The Maggie Nalbandian Scholarship


Students must have successfully, completed at least one course at Kepler College and be working toward a certificate or diploma.  Applications for this scholarship are reviewed on a term-by-term basis and awarded 1 month prior to the start of the term.

To serve the largest number of students, these scholarships generally range between $100-$300 per student, per term.



Diversity Scholarship

Kepler College offers an opportunity for scholarships to those who are under-represented in astrology education programs and who cannot financially afford the program without assistance. Qualified applicants, of any age, may be physically challenged, a member of a historically marginalized ethnic, gender or sexual minority, or an intersection of any of the above.

You are welcome to submit a scholarship application at any time. We review applications on a term-by-term basis. The scholarships are awarded one month before the beginning of the term

Scholarship funds are intended to be used in the term that the scholarship is awarded

Astrological Organization Scholarships

ISAR, AFA, OPA, NCGR, and local astrology groups periodically provide scholarships that can be used at many astrology schools.

If you are a member of an astrological organization, please check if your organization offers any scholarships for astrological study.

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