Why Kepler College

Because we offer students of Astrology more

Did you know?

Many astrological places of learning are led by the teachings of a single instructor, a “guru” of sorts. These schools, based around one person, founder, and curriculum decision-maker, offer students a particular person’s philosophy rather than a broad range of expertise.

Kepler College is different

With multiple qualified instructors on staff, and an engaged Board of Trustees, we offer students of Astrology more: a diverse range of philosophies, rigorous coursework, and options for Certificate and Diploma programs that set a course for future success in astrological practices. We’re thrilled that thousands of students have recognized the value of seeking education at Kepler College.

Take a closer look at becoming an Astrologer through Kepler College

At Kepler College, our courses focus on interpreting the cosmos and nature and how complex forces influence human beings. These practices, known for hundreds of years as Astrology, are available to our students through an in-depth vocational environment.

Our founders understood the rarity of colleges with courses that critically examined how various cultures interpreted and applied knowledge of cosmological events to human affairs. Rarer still, institutions with available studies focused on how these beliefs influenced the development of science, medicine, the arts, politics, literature, mythology, and religion.

In 2000, Kepler College opened its doors to students with a passion for earning their Liberal Arts degree in coursework examining Astrology’s historical, cultural, and sociological aspects, considering all viewpoints of cultural cosmologies. In 2012 Kepler College re-envisioned itself as a vocational-style learning center.

There is more to making Astrology a profession than simply technique. Since its inception, the influence of Kepler College has changed Astrology’s academic landscape. We hope you’ll join the many students and practitioners who have obtained their education at Kepler College and partner with us in setting your course in Astrology.

As with all living things, Kepler College will continue to grow and evolve.

We invite you to join us!

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