Certificate Programs

What is a Kepler College Certificate?

An excellent way for students to elevate their Astrological toolkit, certificates are issued to recognize that students have delved into an area of study with more depth than a single course can offer.

Every certificate at Kepler College is designed as a practicum, allowing students to test their skills and receive immediate feedback as they increase their knowledge.

Certificates have been created by grouping the necessary skills to become an expert in an area of study. 

Why should I consider a Kepler College certificate?

If you seek further studies, such as the Diploma Program at Kepler College, you will typically begin with a certificate such as Natal Fundamentals. Additionally, if you are interested in gaining Astrology expertise in specific areas of study, you can pursue certificates such as:

  • Alternate Traditions
  • Astro Mapping
  • Relationships and Counseling


Upon earning your first two certificates covering the fundamentals, you will better know where to focus your continued Astrological learning. We hope you’ll join the many students who have completed the certificate courses needed to earn their Diploma or Advanced Diploma at Kepler College!

How long will it take to complete the Certificate Program?

Most certificates require successful completion of thirty (30) weeks of instruction. After earning the two (2) fundamental certificates, you will possess the core essentials to pursue Astrological practice, including synthesizing information in an Astrological chart and understanding what to look for when evaluating timing. We recommend that students begin their Certificate Program at Kepler College with the Astrological Fundamentals, including Natal Astrology, a core study that teaches students how to analyze a Natal Chart, provide a clear interpretation, and answer client questions. It is recommended that students continue the Astrological Fundamentals with the core study, Movement and Forecasting. You’ll find details about these, and other certificates offered at Kepler College below. You may also find it helpful to take our free assessment quiz to ensure success in your chosen certificate.

Available Certificates

This certificate focuses on building skills for Natal Chart interpretation. The required coursework provides students with the skills to successfully interpret a Natal Chart, an understanding of many types of tools they can use (and controversies surrounding them), and a consideration of the ethical issues involved.

It gives students a broad view so they can understand the different approaches available for interpretation (such as traditional, modern, or evolutionary) and decide which direction interests them to pursue further study.

The standard Fundamentals certificate  requires thirty (30) weeks of instruction. The extended Fundamentals certificate requires 40 weeks of instruction.

This coursework covers the various methods of moving the chart in time, including techniques such as transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, planetary returns, profections, elections, and rectification.

The standard Movement & Forecasting certificate  requires thirty (30) weeks of instruction. The extended Movement & Forecasting certificate requires 40 weeks of instruction.

Most of our course offerings focus on common aspects of modern Astrological practice. There are, however, additional, unique traditions that have a different perspective or philosophical underpinning. Some Astrologers incorporate one or any number of these into their practice. These may include:

  • Esoteric Astrology 
  • Evolutionary Astrology 
  • Uranian or Symmetrical Astrology 
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy 
  • Hellenistic Astrology
  • Medieval Astrology
  • Indian Astrology


This certificate requires thirty (30) weeks of instruction

AstroMapping is the art of using the Astrological chart to determine an ideal place to live or the best way to structure one’s local environment (similar to Fung Shui).  

Astro*Carto*Graphy is the art of using the Natal Chart to determine what areas of the world support or challenge the natal planet positions. 

Local Space Astrology uses the Natal Chart to interact with local environments. Similar to Feng Shui, these techniques may even be used to better position an individual’s room in their home.


This certificate requires twenty (20) weeks of instruction

Astrological counseling has unique features as one’s capacity for, and style of, giving and receiving love through interactions with lovers, spouses, parents, and children, and the family itself can differ significantly. This certificate provides students with a solid foundation of these considerations, the issues, the ethics of Astrological counseling, and the ability to work with clients in the most common area of this practice.

This certificate requires 30 weeks of instruction.

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