Student Sponsorships

Through numerous fundraising efforts, Kepler College is able to offer scholarships to students in need.

However, there have been various inquiries about an option to support a specific student that has encountered financial roadblocks and might be looking for funding to complete their studies. Kepler College has implemented the Student Scholarship Program to assist students in need. All sponsorships will receive a tax receipt.

There are few ways to apply your sponsorship dollars.

  • Sponsor one of our students identified with needs listed below (pseudonyms used)
  • Sponsor a specific student of your choice
  • Designate your sponsorship dollars to go to the general scholarship fund.

When donating, put the student’s name into the comment section of the form so your dollars can be applied correctly.

For additional information, please contact

Sponsorship Students

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Constellation Sponsorships

We have a number of students applying for scholarships who are currently waiting to be funded. Please consider donating to our Maggie Nalbandian General Scholarship Fund to help these students realize their goals.

Recently Sponsored Students

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Gandanta (Kepler Student)

Looking for W101 funding $590.00 plus books 60.00 = $650.00 This student lives in Turkey and has studied Uranian Astrology but had to take time off from their studies because of their financial situation. They would like to deepen their astrological knowledge and work towards a diploma so they can practice astrology professionally. The only obstacle to furthering their education is the lack of financial resources.

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Harmonic (Kepler Student)

Looking for W101 funding $590.00 plus books 60.00 = $650.00 This student is limited in how much they can work because they are a full-time caregiver for a disabled person. They are self taught and looking to advance their formal learning working towards a diploma. Because their education has been from books and not formal, they are looking to start to get a strong foundation and continue studying to be a professional astrologer who can help people understand themselves. You can help this student enroll in their first formal course.

Medieval manuscript style ornate letter E with blue fade

Eclipse (Kepler Student)

Looking for W101 funding $590.00 plus books 60.00 = $650.00 Student has been enrolled in Kepler College courses and in the process of completing a certificate. Their fiancé has been laid off and it is unclear when the next job will appear. This student is preparing to transition into a professional astrology practice and needs financial assistance to complete their studies. Their family will benefit from the supplemental income the student can provide by opening their astrological practice. They have been inspired by the level of astrological education that they have received from Kepler College to date and would like to continue to work towards their Fundamentals Certificate

Medieval manuscript style ornate letter D with purple fade

Draconic (Kepler Student)

Looking for W101 funding $590.00 plus books 60.00 = $650.0 Student struggles with a chronic health condition which is in remission. This destabilizing condition has depleted the student’s ability to work and bring in sufficient income to continue their studies. Even so, they continue to invest time in studies to improve their health, and with the intent to eventually help others with what they learn. They would like to start giving back to the community in the form of becoming a Medical Astrologer. They have self studied over the last few years and would like to start formal instruction with Kepler College

Ornate medieval manuscript style letter ‘A’

Aurora (Kepler Student)

Looking for W101 funding $590.00 plus books 60.00 = $650.00 This African American student has just relocated to their familial home after suffering setbacks from loss of work during the pandemic and a work injury. This student is following their passion, even when some members of their community frowned on pursuit of astrological studies. They believe that astrology is part of their destiny, it is their calling, and they are intent on completing a diploma at Kepler College. By sponsoring this student, you will help them achieve their life purpose and support diversity in the field of astrology.

Medieval manuscript style ornate letter F with magenta fade

Firdaria (Kepler Student)

Looking for W103 funding $590.00 plus books 60.00 = $650 This student lives in India and lives hand to mouth without anything left over to continue their studies in astrology. Though trained in Vedic through the family tradition passed down through their extended family, they would like to expand their studies and earn a diploma from Kepler College. They hope to research oriental and western astrology and help others close the gap between understanding the two traditions. With your help, they can continue to grow and expand their astrological knowledge and share it with students of both Indian and Western traditions.

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