Supporting Kepler

Many thanks to everyone who has helped support Kepler College and its students!

Your contribution can be a tremendous help toward our goal of excellence in astrological education. Donation's for our last fiscal year (2016-2017) helped:

  • Expand our certificate program 
  • Offer scholarships to 20 students
  • Present additional free webinars for the astrological community.
  • Add additional capabilities to our online classrooms, including a new online meeting space
  • Hire registrar assistance to better serve our students
  • Expand to a new office space and unpack the Maggie A. Nalbandian Memorial Library
  • Continue to work with the Urania Trust and Star Cycles to develop the an international online library catalog of astrological and related materials -- the Alexandria iBase Project 

Online Donation

Use this form to make an online donation. If you want to specifically target your donation, please let us know in the comment box. 

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Donation Information




Your generous gift ensures that Kepler can serve its students, enhance the professionalism of its instructors, offer resources to the general community (such as our free webinar series), develop its library, and have the resources needed to maintain the quality of its  programs.