GSu Meyers

GSu Meyers passed away on July 16, 2012, after outwitting leukemia for 13 years. Kepler College is honored to receive her extensive library collection of astrology books and research, which will become part of our permanent library collection.

GSu Meyers was born Gloria Sue Kaucnik in Akron, Ohio on April 12, 1943 to Vencle and Julia Kaucnik. The youngest of 7, Sue moved to Owen, Wisconsin where the Kaucnik family ran a AAA dairy farm. After attending a one room schoolhouse and Catholic grade school, she entered the convent of St. Francis of Assisi in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. After three
years, Sister Gloria left the convent for her senior year at OWHS.

Don Dillow and Gloria Sue Kaucnik married on July 21, 1962 and their son Fred arrived in April 1963. In 1969, she shortened her name to GSu and went on to Chicago to work at Fansteel, Playboy and as owner of the hair salon Second Generation. GSu and Fred moved to Aspen, Colorado in 1978 where GSu was Assistant to the VP at the First National Bank of Aspen.

GSu married longtime friend Tom Meyers on April 13, 1985 at their home near Redstone, Colorado overlooking the Crystal River. GSu pursued her creative talents in astrology, fine art and fashion while photojournalist Tom covered news events for KCNC‐TV from bureaus in Carbondale and Frisco. In 1996, Tom and GSu settled in Evergreen to enjoy the clear alpine air, blue skies and the many new friendships they found in this unique mountain community.


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