Astrology of Healing Certificate

This program aims to prepare consultants to provide astrologically informed insight into the Astrology of Healing; insights into body, mind, and spirit matters.

All courses at Kepler College are taught in English unless noted otherwise. Proficiency in English is required for all students.

Attendance may be required in some of the classes.

Prerequisite: Kepler Fundamentals Certificate or equivalent

Certificate Requirements: 40 weeks of study

The Astrology of Healing Certificate courses address the questions surrounding medical astrology. This will encompass horary and decumbiture charts, the currency of great astrologers like Abraham ibn Ezra and Nicholas Culpeper. For all but the last roughly 100 years, the word medicine was understood as applying to any of hundreds of methods to relieve the human condition related to the many diseases that our bodies, minds, and spirits encounter in our journeys through this Earth. No one school or philosophy of medicine had right or priority, much less legal and professional right of priority. In our foundational courses in this program, we will present the history of how this happened and what impact it has on us, both as practitioners of the art and as personal users of it. 

Because these society-wide changes have resulted in our possessing less than full professional autonomy, we are opting here to use the wording, Astrology of Healing, which is legally unreserved. But like any attempt to use language with precision, it also has its disadvantages. Within the New Age community, which includes astrology, that phrase implies a viewpoint that is not exactly what we mean here. You might call our usage here “lower case” – we are not advocating a hierarchy of the three concepts infinitely entwined with belief systems, but a continued reverence for the long path that carries our journey to self-understanding, healing, and acceptance. Some adherents may work on strictly physical matters; others may work on mental or spiritual; all seek a place of health and well-being, and all see astrology as a means of practice, understanding, and support. 

Program objectives:  

Successful graduates will be able to: 

  • Compare and contrast knowledge of the historical practices of astrology with a focus on Hippocratic and Galenic medicine and related systems of thought, astrological rulerships, and pattern recognition principles. 
  • Describe  Hippocratic, Aristotelian, and Stoic systems of humoral thought.
  • Compare historical applications and how this medical diaspora were syncretized with astrological principles. 
  • Apply astrological analysis and critical thought to enhance applications of historical medical and non-orthodox protocols designed to enhance the client’s bodily, mental, or spiritual experience. 
  • Use timing principles to astrologically inform elections, prognoses, procedures, wellness programs, and prognoses for enhanced experience, wellness, and amelioration. 
  • Situate their practice within the astrological culture and that of the communities of care. 


Required Courses:

  • Foundations of the History of Medical Astrology MPC301 (10 wks)
  • Elements, Humors, Temperaments MPC306 (5 wks)
  • The Astrology of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disease MPC311 (5 wks)
  • Anatomy and Melothesia MPC316 (5 wks)
  • Decumbitures I MPC321 (5 wks)
  • The 1, 6, 8 (4, 7, 10) Model of Astrological Analysis MPC331 (5 wks)
  • Certificate Level Demonstration of Learning MPC391 (5 wks)


Just a reminder that all courses at Kepler College are taught in English unless noted otherwise. Proficiency in English is required for all students.


Faculty: Lee Lehman (Certificate Coordinator), William Morris, Marcos Patchett, Kira Sutherland