Medical Astrology

Many traditional masters of astrology were dedicated to the study of medical astrology, perhaps because working with this very practical but demanding application of the sidereal Art can increase astrological aptitude more than any other. The Medical Astrology Certificate will equip students with the techniques to hold a thorough medical astrological consultation (within the bounds of their own medical knowledge, legal permissions, and personal competence) and to investigate medical events using astrology. These procedures include both traditional and modern methods for the medical assessment of birth charts, consultation charts and decumbitures, timing techniques for astrological prognosis, astrological evaluation of mental health, astrologically electing medical procedures, the use of horary astrology in medicine, astrological analysis of epidemics and global disease cycles, and more. The Certificate will give students a comprehensive array of astrological techniques and perspectives for investigating medical concerns, while deepening their understanding of and confidence in practising the Art of astrology.

Courses include:

MD100 Introduction to Medical Astrology (10 weeks)
MD101A & B Decumbiture and Consultation Chart Interpretation (two 5-week classes)
MD200 Advanced Medical Astrology (10 weeks)
MD103A Astrology and Mental Health (5 weeks)