Electives are specific areas of study that allow people to expand their depth of knowledge. 5-10 week electives are presented in a variety of methods and often combine interactive and self-paced learning. They are usually combined with other areas of study to combine into a certificate.

CS151A Dignity and Debility
CS153A / W111B Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology
CS100A Magical Elections
CS205A Beginning Horary Astrology
CS301A Introduction to Hellenistic
E301A Modern Astrology’s Heritage
E510 Symmetry in Astrology
E513A Introduction to Uranian Astrology
E520B Calling and the Soul’s Transformation
E520CR The Recurring and Evolving Soul
E521A The Times & Astrology of Marsilio Ficino
E280 Mesoamerican Astrology
E536A Ancient Movement Techniques and Applications
E540A Mundane Astrology
E551A Introduction to Vocational Astrology
E560A Interplay of Religion and Astrology
L201A Sacred Paths through the Written Word: Western
L201B Sacred Paths through the Written Word: Eastern
MD100 Medical Astrology
WR202A Working with Parents and Children
WR202B Astrology and Family Patterns
WR203A Relating 101 – Start to Finish
WR203B Comparisons and Composites
WR204A Astrology and Adolescents for Parents and Teachers
WR205A Intro to Jungian Psychological Astrology
WL220 Astromapping I : Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G)
WL221A Astromapping II : The Astrology of Local Space
WL221B Astromapping III : A*C*G & Local Space Practicum
V101B Introduction to Indian Astrology II
V110A Vedic Tricks to Elect the Best Time