Courses offered by Kepler College that Qualify for KPDA or KAPDA Diplomas

The courses listed below all qualify for Certificates or Diplomas. All Certificates require 30 weeks of study. See the Certificate outline for the courses required for the specific certificate. The KPDA Diploma requires 130 hours of study and a demonstration of knowledge. The KAPDA Diploma requires an additional 60 weeks of study and a demonstration of knowledge. Course numbers that begin with an ‘R’ are required courses. They can be combined with other courses to complete the requirement for certificates or diplomas

Kepler College Courses click here to view course outlines and schedules

RN101 Fundamentals I: Introduction to Astrology (10 weeks)
RN102 Fundamentals II: Interpretation Essentials (10 weeks)
RN103 Fundamentals III: Beyond the Basics (10 weeks)
RN104 Fundamentals IV: Chart Synthesis (10 weeks)

RP201 Transits
RP202 Progressions
RP203 Working with the Moon
RP301 Rectification A
RP204 Solar Returns
RP205 Electional
RP220 Predictive Practicum: The Art of Forecasting

R110 Chart Calculation
R111 Self-Study: Astronomy (10 weeks)
R115 Astronomy for Astrologers
RA118 Research
RA201 Essential Dignities
RA202 Horary
RA301 Mundane
RC210 Introduction to Counselling (10 weeks)
RC211Consulting Skills (10 weeks)
RH114 Astrological Heritage
RH115 Astrological Heritage: Babylonian to Hellenistic
RH116 Astrological Heritage: Medieval to Modern
RH117 Modern Astrology’s Heritage

AM201 Astromapping I: Asto*Carto*Grapy (10 weeks)
AM202 Astromapping II: The Astrology of Local Space
AM304 The Psychology of AstoCartoGraphy
AM305 Astromapping III: A_C_G & Local Space Practicum-Client Consultations
AM306 Remedial Measures

C202 Working with Parents and Children
C203 Family Patterns and Chart Interpretation
C204 Introduction to Psychological Astrology
C205 Relationships 101
C206 Illuminating Relationships
C207 Comparison and Composite

E102 Self- Study: Mesoamerican Astrology
E201 Vocational Astrology
E202 Harmonics
E203 Introduction to Uranian Astrology
E205 Self-Study:-Symmetry in Astrology
E206 Zodiacal Releasing
E207 Jupiter & Saturn: Cycles of Development
E208 Asteroid Goddesses & Chiron
E209 Everything you ever wanted to know about Aspects
E210 Mundane Astrology for Elections (once evert 4 years)
E302 Rectification – 24 hour

H102 Introduction to Astro-Mythology
H103 Astrology of Soul and Foundations of Character
H104 Calling and the Soul’s Transformation
H105 Astrology, Rebirth, and Spiritual Life
H106 Sacred Paths through the Written Word: Western
H107 Sacred Paths through the Written Word: Eastern
H108 Interplay of Religion and Astrology
H109 Self-Study – Ancient Movement Techniques and Applications

PD101 Marketing Your Astrology Practice
PD102 Web Design and Content Writing
PD205 How to Shine as a Sun Shine Columnist
PD301 Fundamentals of Life Coaching for Astrologers
PD302 Fundamentals of Life Coaching for Astrologers: The Business of Doing Business
PD303 Writing for Publications
PD304 Astropreneurship