Counseling and Relationships

This certificate introduces astrological counseling as a profession and the ethical, psychological, and communication issues involved in becoming a successful interpreter and practitioner.

By the end of this certificate, students will have mastered the following:

  • how to locate various relationships, contact needs and abilities in the natal chart.
  • learn communication skills that contribute to effective counselling.
  • solve ethical dilemmas and differentiate astro-consulting from other healing and helping modalities.
  • learn how to focus on specific areas of inquiry raised by the client and deliver helpful information using effective non-astrological language.
  • the use of comparisons and composites in evaluating relationships.

Counselling Issues in Astrology – (RC210/WR201) or Consulting Skills (RC211 /PD201) is required for both the Professional Diploma and the Counselling and Relationship Certificate.

To complete the Counselling and Relationship Certificate, you will need an additional  20 weeks from the courses below.

  • Working with Parents and Children – (C202/WR202A)
  • Astrology and Family Patterns – (C203/ WR202B)
  • Comparisons and Composites – (C204/WR203B)
  • Relationship 101 – (C205/WR203A)
  • Introduction to Psychological Astrology – (C206/WR205A)
  • Illuminating Relationships – (C207/WR206A)
  • Astrology and Adolescents for Parents and Teachers – (C208/WR204A)
  • Fundamentals of Life Coaching – Part I – (C209/WR207A)
  • Life Coaching for Astrologers – The Business of Doing Business – (C210/WR2047B)


Faculty: Karen McCauley, Alex Trenoweth, Dorothy Oja, Ali Gully, Cornelia Hansen, Joseph Crane, Enid Newberg, Kay Taylor, Inga Thornell, Marie O’Neill