Astrological Heritage

The heritage of the astrological tradition through the lens of history, philosophy, mythology and literature. 

All courses are beginner level. 

All courses at Kepler College are taught in English unless noted otherwise. Proficiency in English is required for all students.

This certificate requires 30 weeks of study.

10 weeks from the list below.

  • Astrological Heritage Self Study 10-week credit (RH114)
  • Astrological Heritage: Babylonia through Hellenistic 5-week credit –  (RH115)
  • Astrological Heritage: Rome to the Renaissance 5-week credit – (RH116)
  • Modern Astrology’s Heritage 5-week credit – (RH117)


To complete this certificate, you will need an additional 20 weeks of study:

Any courses from the above list can be included. Additional courses to complete the certificate can be selected from the list below:

  • Introduction to Astro-Mythology – (H102)
  • Astrology of Soul and Foundations of Character – (H103)
  • Calling and the Soul’s Transformation – (H104)
  • Astrology, Rebirth, and Spiritual Life -(H105)
  • Astrology in Sacred Literature: Western – (H106)
  • Astrology in Sacred Literature: Eastern – (H107)
  • Interplay of Religion and Astrology – (H108)

Faculty: Inga Thornell, Kenneth Miller, Joseph Crane, Enid Newberg, Carol Tebbs, Jenn Zahrt