Prediction Fundamentals Certificate

Prediction Fundamentals Certificate:

The Prediction Certificate is an intermediate-level group of courses that provide an in-depth education in basic movement techniques. You will learn how to apply what you learned in the Natal Astrology Fundamentals certificate to forecasting. Techniques include transits, progressions, lunar progressions, solar returns, and rectification.

The Prediction Certificate has been redesigned starting Fall 2023, see below for details.


Pre-requisite: A solid working knowledge of the fundamentals of natal chart interpretation.

The movement courses have been designed to introduce the astrologer to an in-depth understanding of techniques.

  • Ancient to modern techniques of interpreting planetary cycles emphasizing when the natal chart is activated.
  • Combining the what with the when for accuracy in predictions
  • Students will study a variety of predictive techniques. This allows for the exploration of how and when to use forecasting techniques, how to use them together, and how to find repetitive patterns.
  • Students receive feedback on their work from the instructors and will have weekly forum interaction with their peers and instructor.
  • All courses in the Prediction Certificate are live with your instructor allowing an interactive experience where you can ask questions in real time.
  • Students will prepare a presentation to demonstrate learning.

By the end of this certificate, students will have

      • Compared the strengths and weaknesses of various predictive timing techniques and selected the ones preferred for regular use.

      • Practiced layering several movement techniques to confirm the timing forecast of what is activated in the natal chart, to what extent, and for how long.

      • Applied appropriate criteria for selecting the movement technique(s) for the interpretive scope and need

      • Demonstrated interpretive skill in forecasting the timing of the situation or issue and its potential for a positive outcome.

    Predictive Certificate requirements (30 weeks):

    • Transits (RP201)
    • Progressions (RP202)
    • Working with the Moon (RP203)
    • Solar Returns (RP204/W111H)
    • Electional (RP205)
    • Rectification (RP301/W112A) or Working with Clients Practicum (RP220/W113A)

    Diploma requirements:

    All courses listed above

    Extended Certificate requirements (40 weeks):

    All required courses for the Movement Certificate above plus an additional 10 weeks from the list below.

    • Ancient Predictive Techniques and Applications (E536A Self Study)
    • Mundane Astrology (RA301)
    • Rectification Practicum – no known birth time (RP302)
    • Harmonics (Course in development)
    • Rectification (RP301) or Working with Clients Practicum (RP220)

    Redesign Details:

    • The number of weeks for the certificate and diploma has not changed – 30 weeks for a Certificate and 160 weeks for a Diploma
    • Predicting Major Life Circumstances (W110) and Advanced Predictive Techniques (W111) have been replaced with specific 5-week courses that have been identified as ‘required’.
      • If you have already taken both W110 and W111, then you have met the ‘required’ course criteria for the Certificate but still need to make up the additional weeks requirement (30 weeks). There is now a greater selection of courses to choose from.

    List of Required Courses replacing Predicting Major Life Circumstances (W110) & Advanced Predictive Techniques (W111)

    • Transits (RP201)
    • Progressions (RP202)
    • Working with the Moon (RP203)
    • Solar Returns (RP204 formally W111H)
    • Electional (RP205)

    Faculty: Tara Aal, Joseph Crane, Oner Doser, Rick Levine, Omari Martin, Anne Ortelee, Carol Tebbs, Shu Yap, Jenn Zhart