Natal Fundamentals Certificate

This certificate provides a solid grounding in the symbolism of Western natal astrology. It covers how symbolism has evolved over time, how to synthesize and apply that knowledge to delineate a natal chart, as well as an awareness of the ethical issues involved.

By the end of this certificate, students will have gained an understanding of how different philosophies and techniques developed within the Western astrological tradition from Hellenistic to modern. They will be aware of many astrological controversies and enjoy continual practice in chart interpretation.

Fundamentals Certificate:

  • Fundamentals I: Introduction to Astrology (RN101 – formally W101)
  • Fundamentals II: Interpretation Essentials (RN102 – formally W102)
  • Fundamentals III: Building Delineation Skills (RN103 – formally W103)

Extended Fundamentals Certificate:

  • Fundamentals Certificate Courses (above)
  • Fundamentals IV: Natal Practicum (RN104 – formally W104)

Completion of this certificate or its equivalent is required for the Diploma.

Faculty: Donna Young, Vanessa Lundborg, Carol Tebbs, Enid Newberg, Karen McCauley, Inga Thornell