Alternative Traditions

This certificate allows students to expand their breadth of exposure to a variety of astrological traditions outside of general modern practice. 30 weeks of coursework are required for this certificate.

There are no required courses for this certificate. The certificate is made up of:

  • beginner-level (100 series)
  • intermediate-level (200-series)
  • advanced-series (300-series).



  • Beginner courses only require the ‘language of astrology’ – glyphs, signs, and houses.
  • Intermediate or Advanced level courses require a strong foundational knowledge of astrology, and predictive techniques are needed.


All courses at Kepler College are taught in English unless noted otherwise. Proficiency in English is required for all students.

Any of the courses in the list below qualify for the certificate:

  • Mesoamerican Astrology – Self Study (E102) – 10 weeks
  • Symmetrical Astrology – Self Study (E205) -10 weeks
  • AstroMapping I: Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) – (AM201) – 10 weeks
  • Introduction to Medical Astrology – (MD100) – 10 weeks
  • Horary Astrology – (RA202) – 5 weeks
  • Introduction to Uranian Astrology – (E203) – 5 weeks
  • Mundane Astrology – (RA301) – 5 weeks
  • Mundane Astrology for Political Elections (once every 4 years) – (E310) – 5 weeks
  • Harmonics – (E202)


Additional traditions represent any courses that are part of the Natural, Shamanic, Chinese, Tibetan, Vedic, or Gnostic Astrology. If you have taken any courses in the above disciplines, contact the registrar at

Faculty: Bruce Scofield, Lee Lehman, Rick Levine, Öner Döşer, Omari Martin