Alternative Traditions

This certificate allows students to expand their breadth of exposure to a variety of astrological traditions outside of general modern practice. 30 weeks of coursework are required for this certificate.

10-week courses:

  • E260 Mesoamerican Astrology
  • E510 Symmetrical Astrology
  • WL220 Astromapping I: Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG)
  • V101 Introduction to Vedic
  • MD100 Medical Astrology

5-week courses

  • CS153A/W111B The Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology
  • CS205A Beginning Horary Astrology
  • E513A/B Uranian Astrology
  • E536A/W111G Ancient Movement Techniques and Applications
  • E540A Mundane Astrology
  • V100A Indian Astrology Crash Course
  • V110A Vedic Tricks for Western Astrologers (Electional Astrology)

Additional traditions would include Natural, Shamanic, Chinese, Tibetan, or Gnostic Astrology.

Faculty: Bruce Scofield, Madalyn Hillis Dineen, Kenneth Miller, Charlie Obert, Oner Doser, Omari Martin