About the Certificate Program

About the Certificate Program

If you are here, we know that you are either interested in astrology or have fallen in love with its rich potential! And we know that you are looking for value for your money. You want to finish a course not only knowing more but able to put that knowledge to use. And, you want to be able to evaluate the quality and usefulness of what you find when you set out to explore on your own. Good courses give you the tools, skills, and support you need to succeed. That is our commitment to you. And since we stand behind our offerings, for the first 6 courses in our guided program, if you find you cannot finish one of our core courses in one term (Fundamentals 1 through 6), you can extend your studies through an additional term for no extra cost.

What makes us different?

We’ve been around the block! Kepler College was founded in 1992 and we have been offering online classes since 2000. Our teachers are not hired based on name recognition, but their full skill set and ability to teach in an online setting. They have over 400 years of combined experience in studying and practicing astrology. Many of our instructors are considered to be among the preeminent astrologers in the world and most have at least 20 years (some even have 30 or 40 years) of actual practice. All of our teachers believe in the value of high-quality astrological education that goes beyond teaching just another technique.

Our long experience has taught us that the best astrologers learned more than just methods. They understand at least some of the history behind a technique, its benefits, and, importantly, its limitations. They have studied astrology’s place and influence in different historical periods. They have considered the underlying philosophy behind their practice and compared different astrological traditions and tested different methods. They are also familiar with the astronomical basis for planetary movement and the mathematics of mapping a picture of the sky to an astrological chart. And, importantly, a good astrologer understands the ethical pitfalls of their practice.

Our certificates are designed to provide an in-depth examination of the core essentials of astrological practice for natal chart interpretation and forecasting and expanding your breadth of knowledge by examining different astrological practices, as well as exploring the history, philosophy, and astronomy underlying different astrological practices.

If you love astrology and want both breadth and depth, Kepler’s guided program will help you strengthen and broaden your astrological skills. We stand behind the quality of our students who have done the work required to successfully complete the Professional Diploma in Astrology.

For astrologers who are interested in offering readings to clients and want to continue to grow their skills, we also provide continuing education classes in marketing, writing, presentation skills, client management, and financial considerations.

Challenging a Course

Because our approach is more comprehensive than most stand-alone astrological classes, we require a demonstration of both breadth and depth of knowledge for our Certificate recipients. The result is that in addition to students who are new to astrology, we have many participants who already have extensive astrological backgrounds through self-study and practice. They find these courses valuable to fill in the gaps in their learning, to gain a better understanding of how all the pieces fit together, and to refine their interpretative skills.

If you have an astrological background, you are welcome to challenge some of our courses or ask for transfer credits (if you have taken a graded course from another school or instructor) We also have challenge tests for the first two courses in the Fundamentals series (W101 and W102) or you can take the Bridge Course to solidify you knowledge to directly enter W102. This will ensure you can have the best opportunity to be successful the rest of the series for the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology.

No one can challenge the entirety of the Fundamentals Certificate or the Movement Certificate. In addition to the successful completion of the tests, you will minimally need to take the practicum courses (W104 for Fundamentals; W112 or W113 for Moving the Chart in Time) to complete the Certificate.

The challenge tests cost $50 each. The first test will be for W101 Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and Practice. Please click here to see a sample from this test.

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