Graduates of our Former Degree Program

Graduates of our Former Degree Program

Our transition from academic degree programs to a vocational style diploma and certificate based learning

On April 20, 2012, one of Kepler’s MA graduates, Maire Masco, and Enid Newberg traveled to Olympia, Washington to personally thank Mike Ball and Karen Oelschlager of Washington’s Higher Education Coordinating Board. These two worked with us for more than a decade, providing advice and assistance to help us navigate the complicated requirements of state and federal accreditation.

Every two years, Mike and Karen reviewed and signed off on our authorization to grant degrees, earning the hostility of state legislators and members of the academic community, as well as scathing articles in various national publications. Throughout it all, Mike Ball stood by his belief that it is not the role of the government to discriminate against what is taught but to ensure it is taught in an academic fashion.

In 2010, Kepler had been faced with the economic reality that we could not complete our federal accreditation effort. This meant we could not retain our state authorization. Mike helped again by giving us the maximum time allowed to ensure our students could complete their degrees.

During our visit this April, Mike and Karen were pleased to hear of our graduates’ success. They were equally pleased to hear that Kepler is not going away but is still pursuing its mission of providing a high-quality education for astrologers.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Kepler program, for both students and faculty, is chance to bring multiple perspectives together through team-teaching, visiting lecturers and the juxtaposition of different astrological traditions in a single class. This tradition continues in our Certificate Program. Our students still have the opportunity to explore the origins of different techniques and how methods and philosophies have changed over the past 2,000 years. They get the chance to talk with and learn from different practicing astrologers. Those students who want to earn a Certificate diploma also get a grounding in the history of our craft and an appreciation of its cultural, social, political, and artistic impact. And best of all, because our program is online, we continue to welcome students from all over the world.

It was only through the continued generosity of our donors that Kepler could convert its academic program to the new certificate format. Our vow to all our supporters is that we will continue our tradition of excellence and will continue to broaden our outreach efforts to the entire astrological community through free webinars, classes, our research library and more.

Thank you,

Enid Newberg, Robert Hand and the rest of the Kepler Board

Graduates of our former degree program

Congratulations to everyone here who worked hard and were able to successfully complete all the requirements for their degree.

GraduateYear Degree GraduateYear Degree
Tishelle Betterman2004BA Barbara Palamarek2007BA
Linda Birch2004BA Eduardo Rochin2007AA
Lindy Bradstreet2004BA Elle Simon2007BA
Angelica Camargo-Flores2004AA Jason Agundez2008BA
Karen Hawkwood2004BA LeeAnn Curtis2008BA
Suzanne Duffy-Kane2004AA Risha Denney2008AA
Elizabeth Kitney2004BA Jacqueline Menkes2008BA
Maire Masco2004BA Inga Thornell2008BA
Norma Jean Ream2004BA Sarah Dorenfeld2009AA
Paula Wagner2004BA Donna Young2009AA
Katarina Campagnola2005BA Maria Mateus2010MA
Lisa Dixon2005BA Christopher Brennan2010AA
Karen Drye2005AA Lynn Bootes2011AA
Lauran Fowks2005BA Catalina Anton2012AA
Linda Kaye2005BA Lynn Bootes2012MA
Carolyn Matthews2005BA Laura Cuplin2012AA
Elle Simon2005AA Risha Denney2012BA
Diana Soto2005BA Judith Holloway2012MA
Jonathan Edwards2006AA Bernard Jordan2012BA
Graciana Manzanos2006BA Kathy Kipp2012BA
Roland Matthews2006BA Maire Masco2012MA
Rhonda Busby2007BA Hiroshi Masuda2012BA
Judy Fritz2007AA Kenneth Miller2012MA
Sousa Jefferson2007AA Stephanie Soibelman2012BA
Laura Michetti2007BA Tamira McGillivray2007BA

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