Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship, please submit the form below with your information. When choosing the scholarship you would like to apply for, please review the scholarship requirements below.

The Maggie Nalbandian Scholarship Eligibility

Students who have completed at least one course at Kepler are eligible to apply for this scholarship for financial assistance. NOTE: Applications are submitted on a term-by-term basis even if you have been approved in a previous term. Apply any time and your application will be considered for the upcoming academic term.

Diversity Scholarship Eligibility

Kepler offers an opportunity for tuition-free scholarships to those who are under-represented in astrology education programs and who would not financially afford the program without assistance. Qualified applicants, of any age, may be physically challenged, a member of a historically marginalized ethnic, gender or sexual minority, or an intersection of any of the above. NOTE: Scholarship funds awarded with the intention for the student to use within one (1) academic year, afterwards unused funds are forfeited and the student can reapply. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is August 31. The scholarship is awarded for the next academic year. 

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