Popcorn Fundraiser

Come join the Diversity team eat popcorn

The Kepler College Founders’ Circle was created in May of 1999 and completed in 2001. The Founders’ Circle was an honorary society recognizing the contribution and commitment of persons who came together to help lay the foundation of Kepler College and ensured there was sufficient money to develop our program and open our doors. Members of the Founders’ Circle contributed at least $25,000 dollars (US) and share their vision with other potential donors by letting their example become a pattern for others to follow.

Founders’ Circle Members

1st House: Kelli Fox
2nd House: Cindy & Chris Doose
3rd House: Mark Douglas: in honor of Marcia Moore
4th House: Neil F. Michelsen: Michelsen-Simms Trust
5th House: Mark Douglas: in honor of Margaret Millard, MD
6th House: Lois Rodden’s AstroDataBank
7th House: Sarah Mitchell
8th House: Cerise McKenna and William Vablais
9th House: Marion March (by her Master Class)
10th House: Michael Munkasey
11th House: Mark Douglas
12th House: Jean M. Wilson

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