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Certificates are issued to recognize that students have delved into an area of study with more depth than can be offered by a single course. Most certificates require successful completion of 30 weeks of instruction.

Getting Started

If students want to hone their interpretative skills, they generally begin with the four natal studies courses (W101, W102, W103, and W104) in the certificate Astrological Fundamentals: Natal Astrology. This gives them the tools they need to analyze a natal chart, provide a clear interpretation and answer client questions.

Most students continue their natal studies by taking at least the first two (W110 and W111) of three courses in the certificate Astrological Fundamentals: Movement and Forecasting. These two courses allow students to better understand the rhythms of a lifetime through an analysis of transits, progressions, directions and more. For practical application in moving the chart in time to understand the past or identify upcoming times of ease or challenge, the students can take either W112 Applied Rectification and Unification of Forecasting Techniques or W113 Practicum: Applied Forecasting in the Client Session- How to Respond to Common Client Questions.

With these two Certificates, students have the core essentials of astrological practice. They can synthesize the information in an astrological chart and understand what to look for to answer questions and evaluate timing. At this point, students usually know where they want to focus their astrological learning, and many go on to complete the courses needed to earn a Professional Diploma in Astrology. 

Students who are interested in other areas of astrology can earn other certificates, including Alternate Traditions,  Relationships and  Counseling, Astromapping and more.