Kepler feels astrological education is part of the larger body of education that is conducted for the common good. The common good depends upon an uninhibited search for truth and its open expression. Hence, it is essential that anyone who offers a webinar, workshop or intensive course feel free to pursue inquiry without undue restriction and to voice and publish individual conclusions concerning the significance of evidence that you consider relevant. Instructors must be free from fear of others, inside or outside the community, because their vision may differ from the instructors or threaten the instructor's career or the material benefits accruing from it.

Instructors are entitled to full freedom in discussing the subjects that they teach, but they should not introduce into their teachings controversial matters that have no relevance to the subject of the webinar, workshop or course.

Kepler recognizes that instructors must be free from institutional censorship or discipline, subject to educational responsibility as hereinafter set out. When speaking, writing or acting according to their own conscience, instructors should make it clear that they are not speaking for Kepler.

It is the policy of Kepler to encourage freedom of inquiry, discourse, teaching, research, and publication. Even though we have a wide range of instructors, from those who teach a single workshop to those who have multiple offerings, we will protect any instructor against influences that restrict him or her in the exercise of these freedoms when they are presenting at Kepler.

Instructors are entitled to freedom in research and in the publication of results, as long as any participation by students or others is openly acknowledged and permission has been obtained from these individuals for the publication of any portion of the research or report that they actively participated in. 

Kepler instructors are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject. Because they are considered knowledgeable, when speaking or writing as an individual they should be free from censorship or discipline. But instructors should note that a special position in the community imposes special obligations. As a person of learning, instructors should remember that the public may judge astrology and Kepler by the instructor's utterances. Hence instructors should at all times show respect for the opinions of others and should indicate when they are not speaking for Kepler. At such times, there is also a potential for a conflict of interest. Please see the Kepler policy regarding conflict of interest for more details.

All members of the community share responsibility for maintaining and promoting the principles of educational integrity. To guide the execution of this responsibility, Kepler has set a policy defining educational dishonesty and the process to be followed when it is alleged, for instructor and students alike.