Anyone learning astrology knows how challenging it is to make sense of the chart as a whole. This course uses a modern scientific theory to make this easier. 

How do we find meaning? Systems theorist Gregory Bateson famously answered this question by stating that meaning is the pattern that connects. Astrologers understand this. It is only by finding the patterns of the chart that we can synthesize our interpretations into a deeper meaning.

General Systems Theory provides a structure and framework for thinking about wholes that can enhance how we work with the astrological chart. Students will learn and practice applying the basic principles of system thinking as a method of helping build their skills in making chart interpretation more meaningful for themselves and their clients.

The course begins with a brief introduction to systems theory and this approach to science matches what astrologers instinctively understand - the astrological chart needs to be interpreted as a whole just as a person's life is a whole. The following 4 weeks move into the practical application of this approach and how it applies to both chart interpretation and working with clients. The focus will not only include practice in layering techniques but taking into account the environmental and cultural factors that influence our chart interpretations.


Enid Newberg

Enid Newberg, MA Whole Systems Design. Enid has been a librarian, astrologer, childbirth educator, paralegal, IT and web developer and trainer, entrepreneur, administrator, and teacher.

In 1993, Enid became involved in the dream of creating an academic college where astrology would be openly taught and joined the board of Kepler College. She was president of the College as it opened from 2000-2001 and again from 2007-2019. In 2013, her interest in preserving and expanding an understanding of our astrological heritage led her to help establish the Alexandria iBase Project.

Enid particularly enjoys introducing students to the dynamic aliveness of an astrological chart. She is also fascinated by astrology's history and philosophy as well as its intersection with magic, spirituality, and culture. She loves teach and use astrology to help clients find creative insights.

Enid is an instructor in:



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