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[Course][ELECTIVE] MD100 Medical Astrology cc-MD100
Medical Astrology
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This course is designed to be an historically inclusive, in-depth and practical introduction to medical astrology. Students will be introduced to historical practitioners and core concepts in astrological medicine from its ancient Greek beginnings through our modern period. By the end of the course, students will have an overview of the development of medical astrology and its potential applications, as well as the legal, ethical and philosophical principles informing its use.

DATE: 10-week course begins Monday Sunday, September 18, 2022

The course will equip students with the techniques to hold a medical astrological evaluation (within the bounds of their own medical knowledge, legal permissions and personal competence). These procedures will include the medical assessment of birth charts, consultation charts and decumbitures, transits, profections and solar returns for the purposes of understanding medical concerns from astrological perspectives. The course covers traditional concepts of Temperament from both Elemental and Humoral frameworks and will enable students to utilize astrology to help clients dealing with medical issues in practical and responsible ways.

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Judith Hill
Judith is an award-winning author of thirteen books including the classics: Medical Astrology, A Guide to Planetary Pathology; The Astrological Body Types, and Vocational Astrology (winner of the 1999 American Federation of Astrologers, Inc. “Best Book Award”. She produces The Renaissance Medicine Conference and created the course Medical Astrology 101. In 2020, she founded The Academy for Astrological Medicine. Hill was possibly the first to introduce Western Medical Astrology to Szechuan, China. She is a Chartered Herbalist with Dominion Herbal College. Hill documented the natal and transit health influences of the Lunar Nodes; and the medical impact of eclipses by sign and conjunct natal planets. She created the first polarity based nodal eclipse calendar. She has recently published Medical Astrology for Health Practitioners; and Medical Astrology in Action.
Judith is a teacher at The Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism. An internationally recognized researcher, Hill internationally published significant statistical research on astro-genetics and astro-seismology and has served as the Educational Director for the San Francisco NCGR; and as the private assistant to the great physicist Arthur Young at the Institute of the Study of Consciousness. Hill successfully matched 5 biographies to 5 natal charts in an NCGR sponsored skeptic’s challenge in 1989. She is one of the longest practicing, full time astrological consultants in the world. Website: https://JudithHillAstrology.com
Marcos Patchett, BSc (Hons.) Herbal Medicine, MAMH MNIMH.
Marcos is a medical herbalist and medical and horary astrologer. He is particularly interested in the practical application of astrology, which he uses primarily as an adjunct in the treatment of private herbal medicine clients. He graduated from Middlesex University’s Herbal Medicine BSc course with first degree honours and the Elsevier science prize for plant pharmacology in 2005. He gained the London School of Astrology’s Certificate in 2006, since when he has developed his knowledge of traditional astrology through reading, home study, and experience in practice.

Marcos worked as a medical herbalist in King’s Cross for several years (2005-2007 and 2012-2013) specializing in complementary care for people living with HIV, and practiced from Neal’s Yard remedies’ Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden for nine years (2007-2016). He was the principal clinical supervisor for Middlesex University’s Western Herbal Medicine BSc & MSc courses (2013-2018). He is currently an affiliate tutor for Kepler College (USA), the Qualified Horary Practitioner school (UK), and a faculty member of the Academy of Astrology (Asia & UK). Marcos’ first book, The Secret Life of Chocolate (thesecretlifeofchocolate.com), a comprehensive thirteen-year project on the ancient history, usage, pharmacology, and metaphysics of Cacao/chocolate, was released in March 2020. For those in the US: https://bit.ly/3dVRX1d; For rest of world: https://www.aeonbooks.co.uk
Website: https://nocturnalherbalist.com/

Dr. William Morris, PhD, DAOM
Will Morris has 40 years of clinical experience with more than 40,000 patient visits using astrology as a tool to inform decisions about therapeutic interventions such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, sound healing, and acupuncture. He has six books in publication, two of which focus on astrological considerations. They are Cycles in Medical Astrology and Transformation: Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and Herbs. The latter focuses on the treatment of birth trauma in the four stages of gestation, contraction, thrusting, and exit as correlated with Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus. He is on faculty at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine and The Berkeley School of Herbal Studies, and the Kootenay Sound Healing Center. He is the principle of Medastro School of Medical Astrology, teaching astrology for herbal medicine and sound healing. You can find out more at:

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