purchaseBy continuing student demand! Robert Glasscock's 5-week practicum using contemporary horary techniques.

5-week workshop starts January 22nd, 2022
Weekly on Saturday
TIME: 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific

Not a full horary course: these student-requested practicums are for learning to build your horary expertise and clientele in a safe, private environment. Practice, refine, and verify techniques learned from Glasscock's 9-week “Horary Power” series, using participants' (and their clients') real questions, with real-time feedback.

Each practicum explores the various types of horary questions: Straight Option, Contingent Option, Either-or Option, Sequential Option and Reciprocal Option – including Non-Option and Multiple Question perspectives.

  • Questions are brought by students.
  • An interactive study of horoscopes using contemporary horary techniques.
  • Explore specifics of why and where to locate each question in the chart.
  • Whatever your level of experience, you'll be stretched with additional pertinent and helpful interpretative details you might not have considered - to more fully understand the factors and timing that underlie a specific question.

Repeated practice analyzing and answering real-life questions (with experienced professional guidance) is the surest, fastest way to gain confidence, clarity, and insights into the horary astrology's amazing usefulness.

  • Astrologers already knowledgeable about horary will expand their techniques, understanding, depth, and accuracy.
  • Weekly practice with a variety of real-life horary questions. 


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For over 56 years (and 56,000 clients), Robert Glasscock has consulted with people from over 122 countries. He authored over 250,000 words annually for many years in “American Astrology Magazine’s” monthly and Annual Yearbooks. His writings for newspaper columns, magazine articles and anthologies have been cited by Liz Greene, among others. He conducts astrology webinars for organizations internationally.

For the past nine years he's also presented over 300 webinars, classes, workshops and practicums for Kepler College. He hosts student-requested Solar Arcs Practicums (4th continuous year!) for in-depth astrological work predicting events (later confirmed in the news) during Trump's tumultuous administration – and now into President Biden's. ("The longest-running predictive workshop in the world. They don't keep coming back year after year if they're wrong . . . .")


"It amazes me to look back and realize, conservatively, that in 56 years I have worked with over 56,000 clients in person, by telephone, online and through correspondence. Often two, three, four or more a day.

“My favorite thing? Teaching. It’s such a joy to see many of my students go on to become terrific professional astrologers. Not because I’m so great. They were already good astrologers when they found me.

“But if I showed them some things they might not have learned elsewhere . . . or an approach to and philosophy of astrology that helped them find and define their own . . . then, wonderful. If I gave them something that made them better - I can say the same to them.

“Because it’s not only true that, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ . . . it’s also true that, 'The teacher learns more than the student.'”