Certificate Program and Professional Diploma in Astrology

Intensive courses to develop your professional-level skills

Every term includes both electives (some of which may only be offered once per year) and regularly scheduled courses on the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology. 

Jillian Clemmons, a graduate from the Kepler Certificate Program in the fall of 2017, posted this video on her website describing her experience at Kepler and how she feels about getting formal astrological education. She also has an article on her experiences setting up her astrological business. 

To ensure your learning, students have direct instructor interaction and feedback. In addition, students have

  • Accsess to the student resource center
  • Access to the Marion D. March Online Library
  • Links every week to written articles, videos and/or presentations to deepen your understanding
  • Links to additional optional materials that aren't required for the course, but are wonderful supplements to it
  • Discussion forums where students work with the material for the week answering a question and responding to each other's answers
  • Assignments, which may include quizzes that immediately allow you to check your own understanding and written assignments for instructor feedback
  • Access to the course site for an additional 3 months after the course is complete 
  • Students in the Fundamental series also have an optional "lab" - a one hour online session devoted to interpreting charts. 


5-week courses

  • CS151 Dignities and Debilities

    CS151 Dignities and Debilities Why use Essential Dignities? Because they are a crucial part of good interpretation.This is especially true is you want to work with forecasting (particularly horary and electional astrology).  Read More
  • E520B Calling and the Soul's Transformations

    E520B Calling and the Soul's Transformations It is a narrow view of soul that confines it to the individual and the world of the personal psyche. What is the intersection of individual and universal soul?  One name is magic. Another is a calling. Read More
  • V110 When all else fails ... MUHURTA: Vedic Electional Astrology for Western Astrologers

    V110 When all else fails ... MUHURTA: Vedic Electional Astrology for Western Astrologers Instructor: Kenneth Miller   Many astrologers who practice Western tropical astrology are curious about Indian astrology, but hesitate to explore it further. It seems so strange to have different names for the signs and planets and a different look to the chart. But Jyotish has many powerful tools that can enhance your practice - particularly Muharta, the Vedic art of electing a Read More
  • WR202A Children's Charts and Temperament by Cornelia Hansen

    WR202A Children's Charts and Temperament by Cornelia Hansen Instructor: Cornelia Hansen Using a chart to determine an individual's psychological temperament has ancient origins. This course applies that knowledge to better understand children. Read More
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