Degree Program-Faculty Emeritus

scofield.jpgBruce Scofield, PhD University of Massachusetts; MS History of Science, Montclair University; BA, History, Rutgers University. Mr. Scofield has been a practicing astrologer since 1975 and has been a teacher and lecturer at many regional and national conferences over the last twenty years. He has written many articles for various astrological publications and has published a number of important astrological texts, including Timing of Events: Electional Astrology; The Aztec Circle of Destiny; Native American Astrology from Ancient Mexico, and Signs of Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology. Mr. Scofield recently received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts where he works on Gaia theory and solar system influences on climate and life. His PhD thesis examined temperature variations in the northern hemisphere correlated with Saturn-Sun geocentric alignments. Bruce is a faculty member at both Kepler College and the University of Massachusetts.

tebbs_carolCarol A. Tebbs, MA. Carol Tebbs attended Whittier College earning both BA and MA degrees in English, and shortly after, an MEd in Education. She was President of Kepler College from 2003-2006. Her 38 years of teaching Advanced Placement English to students receiving university credits is combined with her extensive Leadership Team experience in a large urban school district. As three time Accreditation Team Leader, Technology Grant Author, District Writing Program Coordinator, and District Mentor Teacher charged with training new teachers, Ms. Tebbs' experience and knowledge of the many facets of higher education complement her recent work with the College Board as a "writing assessment reader" and AP teacher trainer. Recognized as 1999 Wal-Mart "Teacher of the Year", and 2000 District Teacher of the Year, Ms. Tebbs is annually noted in Who's Who in Education and Who's Who in the World. Ms. Tebbs recently published The Complete Book of Chart Rectification. Ms. Tebbs is also well recognized in the astrological community for over 30 years of community service as: 3 terms ISAR President and 22 years on the Board; UAC Co-founder, Board member, Board Chair and UAC '95 Coordinator. Her E-books published in 2003 include: Beyond Basics: Moving the Chart in Time and Beyond Basics: Tools for the Consulting Astrologer.

gomesGary Gomes, BS and MBA, Sociology and Business Administration, University of Massachusetts, currently working on an EdD. Gary Gomes has worked several years as State Vocational Education Liaison for 38 school districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Grant writer for the City of New Bedford--responsible for city's AIDS Education award from the National Science Foundation; and President of the Council of Vedic Astrology. He was among the first wave of Westerners to take up Hindu astrology and is a founding member and Board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology located in Sedona, Arizona. He has also lectured on Hindu Astrology throughout the continental United States, in Hawaii and in England. He is an ordained Swami of the Temple of Kriya Yoga and is a duly initiated practicing Hindu of the Shaivite tradition. He is also an Assistant Professor of Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology) at the Hindu University of America and is a Reiki Master.

stathis.jpgGeorgia Stathis, BS Communications, Northwestern University; MBA, Pepperdine University. An astrologer since 1978, Georgia has extensive business and communications experience having worked in the real estate and investment markets as well as in the public relations field. She is a respected international lecturer on such topics as Cycles and Symbols, Business Trends and their Corresponding Mythical Archetypes, Economic Astrology and Stock and Commodity Market Cycles. She is the author of numerous articles on these subjects for various professional journals and magazines, and authored Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web between Business and Myth as well as many journal articles for the various organizations. She also co-authored such books as Financial Astrology for the 1990's, Civilization under Attack. She is the publisher and author of the Starcycles Audio Digital Learning Series, all of which can be directly downloaded from her website at where you can find Free Podcasts and Forecasts and many articles.

Crane Joseph100x100Joseph Crane, M.A. Received BA from Brandeis Universe with a major in philosophy, an M.A. from Lesley University with an Independent Study degree. Joseph is a consulting astrologer, teacher, and author.  He is the author of A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology (1997), Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy (2007) and Between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and the Universe in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Joseph publishes a monthly astrology newsletter that contains current planetary phenomena and astrological profiles.  Newsletters and other information can be found at  Joseph is also a psychotherapist and a Buddhist practitioner. He lives in Rhode Island.

hamaker-zondag.jpgKaren Hamaker-Zondag, Drs. (comparable to M.A.) Social Geography, University of Amsterdam; and Drs. Planologie University of Amsterdam. She lives and works in Holland, and has lectured and taught extensively in over 18 countries, including Japan, Russia, Croatia, Australia and the USA. She has been a professional astrologer for 20 years and teaches a four-year course in professional astrology and a three year course in Jungian psychology. She is the editor of the Dutch astrological journal Symbolon, and is the author of over twelve books on astrology and numerous articles.

mccauleyKaren McCauley has an M.A. in Educational Psychology from UCLA and spent four years studying clinical psychology at California Graduate Institute. She was the Editor of ASPECTS Magazine, an astrology journal, from 1987-94. A long-time associate and friend of Joan McEvers and Marion March, she taught for Aquarius Workshops from 1976-1999 and has lectured for AW, OAA, NCGR and UAC. She has served on the AW Board, the AFAN Steering Committee and as Oregon Astrological Association Treasurer and President. Since 1993, Ms. McCauley has been administrator of Continuum, a subsidiary of the Jim Lewis Foundation, where she designs and administers the international Astro*Carto*Graphy certification exam. She currently serves as Kepler’s Director of Student Services and the Director of the Certificate Program.

lehman2J. Lee Lehman, PhD, Botany, Rutgers University. Dr. Lehman was the 1995 recipient of the Marc Edmond Jones Award and received the Regulus Award for Education in 2008. She is the author of several books on astrology, including, The Ultimate Asteroid Book, Essential Dignities, The Book of Rulerships, Classical Astrology for Modern Living, and The Martial Art of Horary Astrology. Dr. Lehman also translated from the French of Papus' Astrology for Initiates. She is a well-known teacher and lecturer, having run her own private series of correspondence courses under the general title, Classical Studies, as well as teaching history and classical astrology at the Avalon School of Astrology in Gainesville, FL. She also practices Tae Kwon Do, in which she holds the rank of Second Dan.


urban-lurain2Mark Urban-Lurain, PhD, Educational Psychology, Michigan State University, is the Director of Instructional Technology Research and Development in the Division of Science and Mathematics Education at Michigan State University. Dr. Urban-Lurain is the author of Astrology as Science: A Statistical Approach, articles for the ISAR Research Methods book and is a consulting editor for Correlation. He has been ISAR's Research Advisor and was on the advisory boards for the Centre for the Study of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University College and the Research Group for The Critical Study Of Astrology at the University of Southampton. Dr. Urban-Lurain has spoken about astrological research topics at many national and international astrological conferences. He is interested in the philosophy of science and the impact of astrological research on scientific paradigms.

dunn_melissaMelissa Dunn, MLIS 2006 graduate of the Information School at the University of Washington, Melissa Dunn holds a Masters of Library and Information Science. Melissa has served as Digital Projects Librarian at the Washington State Library and worked for Argosy University. She has a substantial background in advanced research techniques, thesis construction and information literacy instruction. Her interests include academic librarianship, information literacy, and intellectual freedom, as well as natal astrology, ontology and synchronicity.

campion2Nicholas Campion, PhD (University of the West of England, UK), MA (School of Oriental and African Studies, London), BA (Cambridge). Dr. Campion is one of the world's foremost experts in the history of astrology and in mundane astrology, and has lectured around the world for over twenty years. He is the Director of the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, at the University of Wales, Lampter, and was formerly Senior Lecturer in History at Bath Spa University, UK. He read History at Queens' College, Cambridge, and then specialized in the history, politics and international relations of Southeast Asia at the School of Oriental and African Studies at London University. His books include Mundane Astrology (Aquarian Press 1984), The Great Year (Penguin 1994), What do Astrologers Believe? (Granta 2006), and the two-part history of astrology, The Dawn of Astrology and The Golden Age of Astrology (Continuum 2008).

hand robert Old 100Robert Hand, MA. BA, Honors History, Brandeis University; MA, Medieval Studies, Catholic University of America. Rob began an astrology practice in 1972 and as success came, he began traveling world wide as a full time professional astrologer. He has published many books, including Planets in Transit, Planets in Composite, Horoscope Symbols, and Essays in Astrology. His particular areas of expertise are in classical medieval astrology and modern theory. He is the founder and director of ARHAT, an archive and publishing house for astrological research and historical texts, in which he has already contributed a number of Latin translations. He is past Chairman of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Robert is currently continuing his studies toward a PhD at Catholic University. In 2010, Rob became the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Kepler College.