Donations of Products and Services

Kepler is grateful for the many individuals who have donated books, magazines and property. This has enabled us to build a wonderful astrological library and to use the proceeds from the sale of products and property to help with our continued operations.

Thank you to everyone who helped Kepler build our astrological library: 

  • Thank you to Jerome Wish and his family who honored his request to donate his astrological library in 2014.
  • Barbara Somerfield / Aurora Press and her donation of many new books from 2000-2006
  • Jody Scott (author of novels Passing for Human, I Vampire) for the donation of her entire collection of Dell Horoscope in 2007
  • A very special thank you also goes to Michael Munkasey who donated over 1200 books to help us build the Kepler College Library from 1998-2003!
  • A thank you to ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) for donating many boxes of books to Kepler College from 1999-2002! 
  • A special thank you to Doris Hebel for donating her books to the Kepler Library in 2005
  • A special thank you to Walter Cambra for his ongoing donations of magazines and his writings and articles.

A special thanks to:

  • Mark Douglas for his donations of land and for being so amazingly supportive of Kepler and its goals. Without him we would not exist.
  • A special place in our thanks is reserved for Astrology Et Al and Maggie, Laura and Greg Nalbandian for providing office space until we were in a position to lease our Administrative office and including Kepler information in their mailings.


In addition, Kepler wants to express its appreciation for the various astrological organizations and businesses that have supported us over the yeras.

  • Lois Rodden's Data Bank. The most comprehensive source of birth and event data available. for helping publicize Kepler as we were getting established.
  • Mountain Astrologer for publishing articles and updates
  • AFAN and ISAR for publishing updates about Kepler developments in their newsletter, and allowing Kepler to use its mailing list. Thank you also to NCGR for helping spread the word!
  • ACS for graciously permitting Kepler to use its extensive mailing list for our fund drive.
  • ASPECTS magazine for donating ad space
  • Llewellyn Publishing for donating ad space in several publications!


Enrollment Information

You can pay with a credit card through Paypal or Stripe or pay by check or phone (call 425-673-4292). For general information on overall costs, click here.
You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you have any questions.

Students are entered into their course site during the week before the course beings and no later than the night before the course begins

For you to gain access to your class, we must have:

  1. Your name, address, phone number and email address (please make sure to fill these out when you register)
  2. Payment made in full
  3. For our refund and cancellation policy, click here.

These resources provide additional information on our program. 

Not all courses are offered every term. Some may be offered only once per year. We annouce courses for the following term about one month prior to the start of the term. To see the current schedule of courses, you can CLICK HERE to check the calendar.