newberg enid2018 300pxDear everyone associated with Kepler - those who I know and those I don't:

Endings and new beginnings are continually occurring in our personal lives and in the lives of the organizations we work in. This is one such time in my life and in the life of Kepler College.

A new group of astrologers has stepped up to help build and grow Kepler into its future. They are a fabulous group who know and love this school, most of them having been Kepler students, graduates and/or instructors. In February 2019, I resigned as President and am taking a place on the Board of Trustees. Kenneth Miller is now Kepler's new President. Donna Young has been hired as the new Operations Manager.

Kepler has been a wonderfully interesting and rewarding place to work, in large part because it is not the effort of just one or two people. Kepler's birth and life has combined the skills, dreams and interests of many different people. And we are always looking to find ways to transmit this love of the rich and fertile diversity of astrologers and astrological perspectives in our workshops and courses.

My history with Kepler reaches to its beginnings. In 1991, Maggie Nalbandian had been listening for years to the desire for an academic college that included astrology. She gathered a group of astrologers that not only shared this dream but were willing to do the years of hard work to make it real. I knew many of the people involved and regularly talked with board member Gary Lorentzen about this project. In 1993, I was asked to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees. 

After years of hard work, in March 2000 Kepler received its first authorization from the State of Washington to open our doors to academic students. That was also the month I was started as Kepler’s interim President. It was a crazy time. I moved from San Francisco to Seattle, and frantically got everything ready for Summer, our first academic term and the very first symposium.

At that symposium I had a dream where I was straying into an unknown land. Everyone warned me that the people there were different and strange and anyone who entered came out changed. I went anyway. I do not remember all the adventures I had in that land. But I clearly remember that as I left, I heard a distinct and loud voice telling me that you have to find the stories, you have to remember the stories, you have to tell the stories.

I took this message to heart for my work with Kepler.

Kepler may be a place that non-astrologers find different and strange. But for astrologers, Kepler is where they can find the many stories of their astrological history, philosophies and techniques and share those stories with others, who in their turn will remember them, add to them and pass them on.

I have been blessed by the opportunity to help build this institution. I am also very thankful to everyone who believed in my skills and helped me throughout the years. I hope that I can pass this gift on to this next group who are picking up the baton. I am confident in their commitment and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing what new directions open in the future. 

p.s. I’m not going away entirely! I will still serve on the Board, participate as an instructor and help with the technical aspects of being an online school. 



Kepler President:
Kenneth Miller

Vice President:
Carol Tebbs

Director of Operations:
Donna Young

Director of Certificate Program:
Karen McCauley

Director of IT:
Enid Newberg

Jillian Yuhas

Jan Porter

Board Officers
Omari Martin, Chair
Tamira McGillivrary, Vice-Chair
Denise Menton, Secretary
Enid Newberg, Treasurer