There are scholarship opportunities for students who have successfully completed at least one course at Kepler but need financial assistance. Since astrology does not qualify for regular scholarships or government assistance, there are not many choices. 

Kepler College is one of the very few astrology schools that sponsors its own scholarships. Last year, we were able to offer scholarships to over 20 students. The general scholarships are designed to help students taking our intensive courses for a certificate or diploma. The diversity scholarship is designed to increase access for under-represented groups.

To honor their service, veterans can receive a discount by providing proof of veteran status (it can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

We are grateful to everyone who helps us build our scholarship fund through direct contributions and those who donate their time to host a workshop or webinar that directs proceeds to scholarships. If you are interested in offering a donation, please click here.

The Maggie Nalbandian Scholarships sponsored by Kepler College

Applications are submitted on a term-by-term basis even if you have been approved in a previous term. 

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To serve the largest number of students, these scholarships generally range between $100 to $250 per student, per term. 

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Diversity Scholarship

Kepler also offers an opportunity for tuition-free scholarships to those who are under-represented in astrology education programs and who could not financially afford the program without assistance. Qualified applicants, of any age, can be physically challenged, a member of a historically marginalized ethnic, gender, or sexual minority, or an intersection of any of the above. 

Applications are accepted year-round, but the selection for diversity scholarships happens in early September for the upcoming school year.

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Organizational Scholarships

Students who are members of astrological organizations are encouraged to check if they offer any scholarships for astrological study. ISAR, AFA, and NCGR do periodically provide these general scholarships that can be used at many astrology schools. Other groups may as well.

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