Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

When you are ready to follow your path toward an excellent astrological education, simply sign up before the course or the workshop begins. The intensive courses follow a specific schedule and have a course website with many additional resources. Workshops are online lectures that are most often held on Saturdays. We also offer one or two donation-supported community webinars each month. Click here to see what is currently available.

Some intensive courses are offered as a group of 2 or 3 courses that focus on a particular topic area. You will receive a Certificate acknowledging your work when you successfully complete these courses. You can also take our guided program that adds both breadth and depth to your understanding of astrology. Click here to see our range of intensive courses.


Intensive Courses (expect to spend up to 8-12 hours per week working on the material and attending the live online session) Unless noted, if you sign up for a course at least two weeks prior to the start of term or the start of the course, you will receive an early-bird discount of approximately 5%

  • $40.00 one time registration fee for new students
  • $585.00 10-week course
  • $295.00 5- or 6-week course (2 of these shorter courses are considered the equivalent of one 10-week course)
  • $200.00 Chart Mechanics (no additional early-bird discount) Students have 2 live meetings with the instructor per term; most of the work is independent study
  • $550.00 10 weeks Independent study courses (no additional early-bird discount)
  • Cost of Completing a 3-course certificate: Taking one course per term, it takes 9 months to complete the entire certificate. One full course is $585, so the entire certificate of 3 courses would cost a maximum of $1,755.00.
  • Cost of Completing the Guided Sequence for a Diploma: The Professional Diploma requires 12 courses plus chart mechanics.  Taking one course per term (except when completing the math) it would take 3 years to complete the entire certificate, for a total maximum cost of $7,195. The diploma automatically lets students skip NCGR Level I, II, and III tests and go directly to Level IV. It is also recognized by ISAR.

Costs cover:

  • A dedicated online course site with supplemental resources, additional readings, presentations, online discussion forums, assignments, and in many courses there are quizzes to help you test your own learning.
  • Access to the “student lounge” which provides additional useful resources including the student handbook, online ephemeris, free-form online discussions and access to live meeting software.
  • Recordings of the live sessions
  • Each term provides a 3-month subscription to the Marion D. March Electronic library which includes the Alexandria iBase Project catalog and links to additional valuable Internet resources.
  • A 3-month subscription to the Kepler Community Center, where students can create their own study or interest groups using Kepler’s online course software and conferencing service (There is currently a Uranian Astrology study group. In the past students have organized a book club and a research group).
When you are enrolled, you will be able to communicate with fellow students in your course through the online discussion forums and via email. After you have completed your registration, we will send you any additional information regarding your class (such as any additional information on books or other materials) at least one week prior to the start of class.


  • Tuition for workshops: Workshops are lectures that range from 2 hours to 2 hours a week over several weeks and can cost between $25 and $295. The focus is on live meetings. Whether or not they can attend a particular session, students will receive a link to download a copy of the recorded lecture.


Upon request, the 6 Fundamentals courses can each be taken over two terms. Payment must be received before starting the first term.

Students will be entered into their course at least one day prior to the start date of the course.


Enroll Now! You can pay through Paypal, or Stripe, by check or credit card.

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